Looking for artists 

Good evening all,  how are we? 

So the first show now is a couple of days old.  Pretty happy that the podcast has had over 50 views already.  I’m currently planning the next show and I would love to hear from any solo or duo acts that play original songs.  Time to get back to the whole reason I started Toowoomba music scene…  To help promote live, local and original artists.  I have been contacted by a heavier style band and in the boot too distant future,  will be putting on a home and heavy show.  So any artists of any genre,  hit me up.  I’m keen to hear everything this town has to offer. 

Speak soon, 
From the desk of Shane Finney. 
Listen to Toowoomba Music Scene – Episode 1 by Toowoomba Music Scene #np on #SoundCloud


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