Toowoomba Music Scene – Episode 2

Hi all, Welcome to Episode 2 of Toowoomba Music Scene. Tonight’s podcasts include songs from yours truly, Austin Nichols, Damien Johnson and My Inner Hyde. Full details of the bands are below.   The latest edition of the podcast can be found here. Please… Feel free to leave a comment and […]

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Looking for artistsĀ 

Good evening all,  how are we?  So the first show now is a couple of days old.  Pretty happy that the podcast has had over 50 views already.  I’m currently planning the next show and I would love to hear from any solo or duo acts that play original songs.  Time to get back to […]

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Toowoomba Music Scene – Part I

Good morning. Welcome to the first edition of Toowoomba Music Scene. A PODcast created by me, Shane Finney. Designed to introduce local music to the world. Toowoomba has seen some great creations in the music industry and my aim is to help promote original music from the locals. The podcast will include music from original […]

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