My wolf was invaded!

So… I am never really any good at writing these things, that’s why I never try. Last night I wanted to head down to the Irish for a night of live music supplied my Invader Wolf, Baltimore Gun Club, Something Something Explosion and a Toowoomba favourite, Sang-Froid. The last few years I have found myself changing when it comes to the music I listen to and the way I am when out in public. After a set or show of my own, i become somewhat of a recluse. Sober Shane hides from the rowdy drunks… except for a couple. When I got there I was greeted by the man who is Jacob Krog (Sang-Froid). This guy lights up a room without even knowing he is doing it. There will be a special in the coming months which is them. Just them. It will consist of an interview and the music will be dedicated to them.

So… let’s get into the part where the first band takes the stage… Invader Wolf. I am not too sure how I met Drew or if I even really had a first meeting with him but he is surely one of my favourite people in this town. The band took the stage and you could see the nerves on their face. The last outing I saw them at was still etched in my mind so I had some hopes this show was better… Boy was I right.

I say this all the time but I mean it. In the words of Molly Meldrum… “Do yourselves a favour!” and catch them at a live show soon. They are melodic, they are funky, they are rockin’. Their style of writing is hard to put your hand on but the music definitely speaks to you. The bastards just need to put out some more music for us to listen to. Once the music started the crowd just grew. I was actually really happy to see that many people out supporting live music. It was the kind of show that you will talk about 10 years from now and say “I remember the first time I saw Invader Wolf… It was at the Irish in Toowoomba”. Now I don’t have the best quality photo gear but I took a few photos and videos of the night. Check them out and give them a like on there social media RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!


Check out their video of Hive Mind. It’s easy… Hit that link below!!!!!

Invader Wolf – Hive Mind on Youtube


Toowoomba Music Scene – Part I

Good morning. Welcome to the first edition of Toowoomba Music Scene. A PODcast created by me, Shane Finney. Designed to introduce local music to the world. Toowoomba has seen some great creations in the music industry and my aim is to help promote original music from the locals. The podcast will include music from original bands and artists of any genre that have a connection to Toowoomba. Plus, i will find some great music from the past that has come out of this great town. So… If you’re in a Toowoomba band, sing in a duo or as a soloist or have a connection to Toowoomba music, feel free to get in contact with me via


I look forward to sharing with you all that this town has to offer.



Episode 4 – Toowoomba Music Scene

Hello and welcome to episode 4 of Toowoomba Music Scene. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the support that has been shown thus far and to all the bands who have been submitting their work. On tonight’s episode, we hear from Venice On Fire, Sonicman and we catch up for a chat with Spyder Grynder before there EP launch on Saturday night. A special night being that it is remembrance day, the guys are donating proceeds from the night to Veterans Off The Streets Australia. For more information on how you can donate, follow the link.

Check out tonight’s bands by hitting up their Facebook pages.

Venice On Fire


Spyder Grynder

Check out the latest edition here – Click here to listen

To submit your band, e-mail


Speak to you all soon.




Toowoomba Music Scene – Episode 3

Hello and welcome to the third installment of Toowoomba Music Scene. TOngoiht we are going to hear from the following bands.

and last but not least…

For my next show i am looking for soloists that can nail out a cover. If this is you, be sure to message and show me what you got. The new podcast is below. Be sure to check it out. Until next time… Do yourself a favor…





Toowoomba Music Scene – Episode 2

Hi all, Welcome to Episode 2 of Toowoomba Music Scene. Tonight’s podcasts include songs from yours truly, Austin Nichols, Damien Johnson and My Inner Hyde. Full details of the bands are below.


The latest edition of the podcast can be found here.

Please… Feel free to leave a comment and share the page. This only works if you support the local scene. Speak to you all soon.



From the desk of Shane Finney.



Looking for artists 

Good evening all,  how are we? 

So the first show now is a couple of days old.  Pretty happy that the podcast has had over 50 views already.  I’m currently planning the next show and I would love to hear from any solo or duo acts that play original songs.  Time to get back to the whole reason I started Toowoomba music scene…  To help promote live, local and original artists.  I have been contacted by a heavier style band and in the boot too distant future,  will be putting on a home and heavy show.  So any artists of any genre,  hit me up.  I’m keen to hear everything this town has to offer. 

Speak soon, 
From the desk of Shane Finney. 
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